Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a treat I've been given.

I was give this by my friend Cheri check out her blog here and see the wonderful things she 't makes. Don't forget to leave her some love.

You are to tell 10 things about yourself people don't know, and share with 10 friends. Well I thought I might try this. It is harder than I thought.

1. I hate lima beans.

2. I wish my kids were small again, I miss that.

3. I think I was born in the wrong era- I love the 30's and 40's. How people were etc.

4. I wish I could leave my house.

5. I miss my Dad- I am glad he's with God but I miss him.

6. I LOVE movies- mostly classic and cary grant but most movies.

7. I sell "The Angel Company" stamps

8. I'm glad I make cards cause Ive made some great friends, this means you.

9. I would love to be multi-lingual. Many ie: spanish, arabic, russian, Hmong,

10. I have no answer for this I have erased this one 6 times and decided to write this instead. I don't know how to put my wish for humanity in words, not without it being too long to read. So my wish for you is peace, strength and love.

Now I know in this part were supposed to make 10 people go through this but I have more than 10 people who inspire me, or I like or I think are really talented. If you would like to see who they are there are many lists on the right side of my blog. The different DT's Im on, the Followers, the friends blogsI have listed. My suggestion to you is take the time and check out their work. All of you are talented and Im glad you come here. Im glad I've "met" you. Some of you have made me ROFLMBO, and some have made me feel sorry I couldn't make then laugh, cause someof you are so sweet and have such hard times- not all the time but still. I want you to know I love ya guys!

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