Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Learn to scrap

So you don't know how to scrap, you don't have a lot of cash to spend on it. Its you first time and your leery. Well fear no more! Go top your local store like Target and Walmart and purchase yourself a photo album with paper inside. Not the kind with the plastic ones, you can't decorate them.

Next get your photos developed. At the store purchase some items you might use for your adventure. Markers- go a LONG way. Instead of buying many ink colors use markers. Color pencils should be in this purchase for coloring your image. I recomend Crayola because you can use them with OMS( odorless mineral spirits) later when you learn more techniques.

Buy some cheaply priced stickers, check out your local dollar stores for inexpensive items. Purchase a few stamps. Digi's are really hot. they are like an color page some are ucky and some WOWZA! I have just started using digis and I like them, for me they will not replace my stamps (I believe she that has the biggest pile wins) but are a great addition to.

For these pages I used stamp, stickers, markers, color pens, color pencils, stickers. Slide in your pic and have the stickers hold the photos in place. I didn't think to use my computer like I do now. But its nice to have hand writing of people. My Dad passed last year and I have a poem he wrote out for me. I laminated it. This was a fun project. It really doesn't take long and you can put the pic in and decorate on the go. The park when the kids are playing, when you watching tv, sitting by the fire etc.
Please enjoy and let me know if you have tried this or are going to and I would love to see it.
Let me know if I can help. You can have a get together with your friends and have a workshop getting free stamps. The Angel Company tm is a great place to get some great stamps. Check out my other blog on the right side of this one and you can have a link to them. Check out the promotions for the latest specials.
E-mail me if you need anything.
c-ya Helen

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