Monday, July 6, 2009

Today in History

I have had one whoppin' day. Today a meat plant called Patrick Cudahy started on fire. This stared last night about 9:45 you could hear all these sirens so we turned on the news. There was a fire at Patrick Cudahy. Well we went to bed and it was a warm night but cooler outside so we put fans in the windows. Well you could smell this smoke. We went to bed. This am at 6:30 DH gets a call to come to work. It was his day off for the 4th. And then tells me there evacing the city from Layton to Morris. Well next they say most of the city is to evac. Well Im in panic mode. We packed things we need for leaving ie: dog food, leashes, 1 outfit, food , water computer and purse. Set to go. Its in the van and we waited until the police came and knocked on the door. I went on line and asked for prayers for our town. God most certainly answered. the dangerous ammonia was contained, the fire is working its self out. We as a community are grateful for ALL of the Fire Dept., Police, sheriff, Dept of Public works, volunteers etc. Lets just hope that PC will be able to comeback. They are so good to our community and have been here for 100 yrs. Were grateful no one was hurt or killed. This ammonia could have blown Cudahy off the map. Thank you for prayers and concern.


Joani said...

Helen ~ my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please take care of yourselves and let us know that you are all ok!

sophiesmama said...

Wow Helen, how scary for you. Thank God everything is ok. God is so good!!
Take care,

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