Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World Greatest Dad

I just wanted to post this today. Some days just stink - worse than anything you can think- and you want to talk to your strength. When their gone you can't. You have to turn to a strength that is the most powerful, I struggle with this some days. Oh well who wants to hear me complain? no one! So enjoy this handsome man. When I was skinny I looked a lot like him ( I'm fat now) He had the strongest hands, He was so hairy he was like a teddy bear, It was funny to see it go gray- I swear it happened over night. He was so funny, told the kids stories they will never forget. He love God with ALL his soul. This was his WWII picture. He was Navy. He also served in Korea too. I made him a scrapbook of his pics. I will show these from time to time. But you must remember that was when I just started. I might redo them. My Dad died last April 13th. His birthday is May 14th. He would have been 82 in 1 more month.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. A salute from Hawaii to a man who served his country well! =)

Kym Weber said...

God Bless your dad! He was a great man. I also loved to hear his stories when I was over. Love ya!

Kellyrae said...

Your dad sounds like he was a mighty fine man. Here's a long-distance.

Joani said...

I'm so sorry. My Father was a great man also, a Navy man. Served in WWII, passed away April 28th (1996)and he was also a Taurus-May 12th.
We have a lot in common. Yes, they were gentle giants and they will be missed. What a nice way to remember him.

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