Friday, April 10, 2009

For my Aunt Phyllis

First - yes I know you're is spelled wrong. I can't do anything about it. Caught it after the card was given.
This card was made for a very special lady, My Aunt Phyllis. She was my dads older sister, a very special woman. She walked very close with God. Well her birthday was in Nov. My friend Kym makes cakes, Aunt liked Sunflowers. I felt very fortunate to get a closer relationship with her before she passed last January. It has been 1 year, but I remember how she liked the cake(it matched the card) and card. She got it just days before she got really sick and then she passed. I am glad we had the time to talk, she was a super lady. I hope you forgive the spelling and like the card. I used brass and a styles to make the center. The sunflower is a stamp, I borrowed it and don't know what company made it.

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