Sunday, January 25, 2009

KAts Valentine

First I want to say that the Handsome man in the picture is my wonderful dad, Nick. He passed away April 13, 2008. I will be making a tribute to him on this blog, I just need some time. There is a song by Mark Harris on my little radio thing called "wish you were here". This is so him talking to me. He loved God and looked forward to be with Him. He is happy and without pain, I am happy for him. Miss him BAD. He was my movie partner and friend and so much more. I'll tell you more later.
Anyhow, sorry about that, I still want to flock the scarf with white lightly so it looks pink and feathery. This is for Katelyn, my daughter, for Valentines Day.

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Kym Weber said...

Great choice of colors you choose. A total different look compared to how I did mine. Great job!

Well the wreath did made it through the winter. It didn't fade as bad as I thought it would and I'm sorry I threw it out before I to...