Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time needs to slow down- if only for a moment.

We had homecoming- it is a week of activities leading up to the game and dance.

homecoming 2013 020

Katelyns friend, Katelyn, Dylans Girlfriend (courtney) and Dylan

For us it was a bit more. It was the week our beautiful Stella passed away. Well we had to have her put down, she had a stroke or something that caused her to loose the use of her right side, out her head down and spin in circles, loose bodily control. Poor baby.

We miss her so RIP Stella 2007- 2013

new kids 006  family n cards 046

puppy Stella                                    adult Stella

It was a rough week, the following week I was sick, got our grandbaby sick too, I was still watching her, So it took a lot out but its ok now. So you saw the minion hat I made in my last post, WEll this started an avalanche of hat orders, Thanks Norma! So here are a few of the hats I made.

pap snurf 

and a sock monkey, and a striped hat and 3 minions more and rapunzel and the papa smurf .

you can see more on Facebook – here

Well come check it out. need to go, have more crocheting to do. Hugs!!!

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