Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am too busy to remember anything.

Im sure so many of you can relate. It really seems like I have been running and just cant catch up. SO my OWN post for my OWN challenge is late. I did post on For Fun!! but I  feel bad cuz I just remembered I forgot.

This card was made using an image I earned from The Stamping Boutique, when I used to host the parties. I did that for a year and miss the fun and chatter. Made some really good friends that way!


I glazed the witches shoes, glittered the fairy shoes and flocked the bear slippers. Looks like a nite with my daughter and her friends. LOL

Well Check out the challenge at For Fun To see if its something you want to try- I dare you!!



Anne-Marie said...

Helen, I love it! All the different textures....the colours....the layout...perfect! And loved the comment about your daughter and friends....hahaa!

Julie said...

This is fab - love what you've done with the different shoes!



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