Friday, November 26, 2010

#9 lazy m fold

This is my own card technique. I used it about a week ago and promised to tell you how. OOps I forgot so here we go. Now I know im lying. It was a different card but this is the pattern for this one.
Lazy M card-
CS- 8.5" x 5.5"
score at 1.5",3.5"and 6" fold up, down, up
Designed paper- 1.5" x 5.25" and 2.25" x 5.25"
Decorate BUT go no taller than 4.25"

He is cute and he is from Dove art. He was fun to color. ok I hope you like the card style. its really easy.


Annmaree (Emu) said...

looks fun, love the snowman!

hope you had a great thanksgiving!

itsabrt said...

What a great card Love the lazy tech as that on many days is my middle name!

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